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Stem Cell Therapy

The laboratory of cellular technologies based at “Virtus” Institute offers the most well-known up-to-date biotechnological methods of culturing stem cells from patients’ bone marrow and fat tissue.

Stem cells harvesting and growing techniques

The laboratory of cell and tissue biotechnologies “SmartCell” masters the most recent biotechnological methods of culturing human stem cells from bone marrow and patients’ fat tissues.

Based on personal research practices and clinical application as well as considering the world experience of stem cells application, we know the kinds of diseases that are appropriate for stem cells treatments with optimal results. For instance, all cardiovascular diseases need stem cells treatment cultured from patients’ bone marrow. However, in cases of disseminated sclerosis the most effective result can be achieved by using the stem cells cultured from patient’s fat tissues.

It is significant to note that application of each method is based, on the availability of a high level technical laboratory for cell culturing and preparation prior to administration. However the major achievement, is the possibility to differentiate stem cells with respect to different organs and tissues, for example: in the case of heart disease, stem cells can be used for growing a patient’s heart cells (cardiomyoblasts), while for treating disseminated sclerosis, ICP and other neurological diseases it is possible to obtain neurons (brain and CNS cells). We can also obtain chondroblasts (cartilage and joint cells).

Stem cells treatment rreference information

Stem cells are one of the most remarkable discoveries of modern medicine, able to change the view about treatment of various diseases and support the most important factors for people – health, youth, strength, longevity and at times the only chance to survive!

The idea of stem cell treatment implies that all the potential of healthy and long life is imbedded into human organism from the very start. Our organisms harbor special cells that constantly revert us back to norm – these are stem cells. However, the number of stem cells in our organism decreases with years; they become not so active as in younger age. That is why it makes sense to restore their quantity in the organism in order to preserve youth and health.

The reserve of stem cells in the human organism is rather limited. When we are born, the number of stem cells in bone marrow is 1 per 10 thousand hemopoietic cells. In adolescents, the number of stem cells is already 10 times less. By the age of 50 there is only 1 stem cell per half a million conventional ones and at 70, it remains just 1 stem cell per million.

In the course of stem cells treatment, a patient receives 200 – 300 million stem cells and as a result, the quantity of reproduced conventional cells makes several trillions within a short period. This volume of conventional restored cells does not only replenish (off sets) the losses but surpasses them a thousand times. Therefore. your organism renews the reserves, lost over the past 15-20 years.

At the same time the stem cells will not be wasted, they are directed to and saved in so called “depots”, present in all organs and tissues. Naturally, after such an active replenishing every organ is renewed and rejuvenated due to the substitution of old and unhealthy cells by new and active ones.

Stem cells therapy restores immune system, improves skin texture, reconstructs articular cartridges, strengthens potency. Universal mechanism of action lies at the basis of treatment different body functions disorders.

Even today, stem cells are successfully used to treat such serious genetic and acquired conditions like heart diseases, endocrine pathologies, neurologic disorders, liver and gastro-intestinal conditions as well as pulmonary, urogenital, locomotor system and skin diseases. In many cases, the early treatment using stem cells can literally “put a man back on his feet”!

The developed technique allows obtaining required quantity of “life cells” and their progeny with necessary characteristics. During cryobank storage, the acquired cultures preserve high survival rate and high activity.

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