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Rejuvenation with autologous fibroblasts

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Nowadays regenerative technologies have created a very essential trend of aesthetic medicine development based on unique mechanism of human organism self-repairing. As a result it became possible not only to correct wrinkles and other skin lesions but also to restore its young properties. One of such technologies is the application of autologous fibriblasts.

What are fibroblasts?

Fibroblasts – are basic dermal cells, fulfilling the task of enriching it with main intercellular matrix components, that is collagen, elastin, hyluronic acid. Biological skin ageing begins as a rule begins after the age of 25 – 30 y.o. The quantity of fibroblasts decreases for 10 – 15 % every 8-10 years, along with the decreased ability to release all necessary substances. As a result it leads to skin thinning, decreased elasticity, turgor and hydratation, slowing down the lipid barrier restoration, formation and deepening of wrinkles.

The secret of unlimited youth.

Nowadays it has become possible to affect the reason of ageing skin by enriching it with autologous active fibroblasts – dermal “architects and builders”.

If in-vitro cultured autologous fibroblasts are delivered into skin, they populate derma and start active synthesis of all extracellular matrix complex therefore restoring skin physiological balance and natural processes of its regeneration. Subsequently it improves skin appearance, elasticity and turgor, softens wrinkles and delays ageing. Application of fibroblasts effectively works for correction cicatrical dystrophic skin changes including after burns deformations, correction of skin striae and post acne treatment.

Due to the fact that fibroblasts proliferative potential throughout all human life remains on quite high level, applying special technologies regardless patient’s age it is possible to achieve the necessary quantity of functionally active cells.

It is also worth noting that currently it is possible to keep fibroblasts in special cryogenic bank allowing to preserve them unlimitedly long saving all their viability. Fibroblasts obtained at young age have maximal potential for division. That’s why if you are young and healthy, but take care of your future – “banking” fibroblasts is basically biological insurance.


How safe is such technology?

For the first time autologous fibroblasts for wrinkles and acne scarring correction were used in 1995 by US Isolagen company specialists (currently Fibrocell), proved its high clinical efficiency and safety of this technology.

Specialized centers based on clinical studies provided sessions for correcting skin lesions with fibroblasts offered to:

  • In US (1995-2012) – 90000 patients;
  • In Ireland (2003-2007) – 4027;
  • In GB (2002-2007) – 6000.

Most patients showed considerable and stable clinical effects. In the course of long term follow-up, 70% of patients demonstrated a higher degree of improvement comparing with the initial correction.

Since 2003, thousands of patients with severe skin burns were treated with stem cells in the Institute of urgent and reconstructive surgery named after G. Gusak Ukrainian Academy of Science. Three treatment methods of treatment by stem cells were officially registered in 2012.

Starting from 2010, after a large number of clinical studies, this technology was allowed to be used by Roszdravnadzor of Russian Federation.

In 2011 the US company LAVIV received an FDA license for official application of autologous fibroblasts in aesthetic medicine.

In 2012, Biotechnological Laboratory «SmartCell» was founded in Odessa and it worked to impementing into practice the technologies of fibroblasts for correcting age-related and other acquired skin defects.

The SmartBeauty program of skin rejuvenation with autologous fibroblasts is an individual complex of diagnostic and treatment procedures, based on high-tech culturing of autologous skin cells. The program has been designed for aged or altered skin texture restoration and includes the following stages:

  • Preliminary laboratory and diagnostic center for examination and evaluation of patient’s health state;
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of skin health (skin and cutaneous bloodflow sonography, morphological specifics of skin structure);
  • Individual program development for skin restoration and slowing down ageing processes with autologous fibroblasts;
  • Harvesting a small skin fragment and passing it over to biological laboratory in order to achieve necessary number of fibroblasts ;
  • Preparation of patient’s skin for transplantation of autologous cellular biomaterial;
  • Treatment course (double intradermal administration of autologous firoblasts suspension during 2 months period);
  • Cryobank preservation of autologous fibroblasts under the biotechnological laboratory conditions

Harvesting skin samples was performed at Virtus institute for storing in the laboratory cryobank to be used in the course of any operation.

Treatment effect and the advantages of this method

  • Rejuvenation occurs in a natural physiological manner due to own biological reserves; In the course of 2-3 months after the treatment we can see substantial reduction of deep and elimination of fine wrinkles, improved texture and color of skin, better skin turgor and elasticity. Real restoration of youthful skin qualities occurs.
  • This type of treatment excludes such complications as cellular rejection, allergic reaction due to the exclusive use of autologous fibroblasts;
  • Cells become adapted to your skin excellently providing a long lasting effect of up to 5 years;
  • The treatment is well tolerated and does not require special rehabilitation, injections are administered under local anaesthesia.

Indication to this sort of treatment is a poor efficiency of traditional cosmetological procedures or a wish to achieve long lasting rejuvenation result with no need for regular visits to cosmetologist.


  • Acute and chronic skin diseases.
  • Coagulation failures.
  • Keloids and hypertrophic scarring tendency
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