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Cryogenic storage bank

Preserving health and youth for many years to come is everybody’s wish. Modern medicine has proven that it is possible.

The secret lies in a small human body cell able to set off sophisticated self-healing processes. But how to save it in order to use it at the appropriate moment? Cryogenic storage banks were created especially for that purpose. However quite recently people who wished to get such services had to go abroad. Since 2003 cryobanks began to be available in our country. Cryobank is a branch of «SmartCell» institute.

It is equipped by modern cryo-equipment that allows working with biomaterial. The laboratory employs high category specialists and who received special training, master laboratory methods of harvesting, culturing, transportation and preserving cellular and tissue material.

Strict rules of assuring biotechnological quality and security at all stages guarantee both entire safety and quality of biomaterial. Access to the cryogenic storage bank is limited.

What can be saved in cryobank and what’s the purpose?

  1. Mesenchymal stem cells isolated from adipose tissue and bone marrow can be used for bone tissue pathologies, defects restoration, strengthening of jaw osseous tissues for tooth grafting, paradontosis treatment, ageing prevention, overall rejuvenation, treatment of atherosclerosis and its complications, diabetes mellitus type 2, liver and vascular diseases, autoimmune disorders, arthropathies of any location, correction of posttraumatic, post-stroke and post-infarction conditions..
  2. 2. Extractions from skin fibroblasts are used for reconstruction of facial skin, decollete and body youthful qualities, as well as for burn consequences treatment and hair growth enhancement.

What is the biomaterial storage time?

Our cryobank has all the necessary conditions for endless biomaterial preservation. After harvesting and processing, the prepared cellular cultures are placed into special containers where they are cryofixed in liquid nitrogen vapors, under constant temperature. As a result, cell vitality is completely preserved and they can be used afterwards for urgent or preventive health care at the right time.

What is attractive about cryobanking if you are young and healthy?

Alas, there is nothing more fast-flowing than youth. After all, the younger and healthier a person is, the spaner is the cell health improving potential. The young cells cryo-banking is a kind of biological insurance, and its importance can hardly be overestimated. When such biomaterial is properly stored, it can be used at any appropriate time with minimal efforts for recovering a lost function or organism stimulatory effect.

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